The Camp Kuleshov Entry Site Is Now Closed

Not so different from the almighty Kuleshov’s experiments in 1910 Russia, the participant’s first mission is to find footage from 2019’s movie lineup (under 2019 Movie List tab) and create a new trailer. Editorial category entrants must change the movie’s genre from its original to another genre on the list. Additionally, you may mash up two movies to tell a story that is neither of their original genres, but another genre on the list. Graphic category entrants will be challenged to create an opening title sequence for a movie that never had one or had a lame one. Stick to the actual genre of the movie chosen from the supplied list. The new opening title sequence should feel like it belongs to the film. Sound Design category entrants choose a section of a film from a list of movie options to create an entirely new sound design. The interpretation of the scene through sound design must be noticeably different from the original and be original in and of itself. Genre changes are not required, but allowable. Most importantly, you must not mimic the original.

The AICP Show is no longer accepting entries for 2019

The AICP Show, The Art & Technique of the American Commercial, is more than just an awards show judging the best work of the year. It's an ongoing archival project with cultural and artistic significance. Since the Show's inception in 1992, the honored work is preserved in The Museum of Modern Art's Department of Film's state of the art archives for future generations to study, and are available for use or exhibition by the museum's curators. All individual works and each year's shows in their entirety can be viewed exclusively at, the AICP Awards Archive website.

The AICP Next Awards is no longer accepting entries for 2019

The AICP Next Awards honor marketing in the motion image across 12 categories: Augmented Reality, Branded Content, Digital Experiences, Experiential, Influencer, Innovation, Integrated Campaign, Pre-Roll, Purpose Driven Advertising, Social, Viral/Web Film, Virtual Reality/360 Video. All entries must have been commissioned for a brand, product or service, appearing on commercial Media. The Next Awards recognize outstanding work and the creative forces behind it but are much more than an Awards competition - it is a platform for thought leadership and analysis. Annually, the Next Awards seeks out the work that defies convention, and effectively utilizes new technologies, as well as storytelling. At the premiere of the Next Awards, winners of the Integrated Campaign category present cases studies exploring the creative and strategic thinking behind each winning piece.

No longer accepting entries for 2019

The AICP Post Awards honor the best post production work of the year. Artists are recognized for their contributions in specific crafts within the overall categories of editorial, audio mixing, sound design, color grading, graphic design, and visual effects. Formerly the AICE Awards, its categories have been re-imagined with a focus on recognizing standout examples of various crafts and technique in editing, audio, design, visual effects artistry and finishing. In addition, Best of Region winners are presented as the best work emanating from companies submitting in each AICP Chapter Region (East, Florida, Midwest, Minnesota, Southeast, Southwest and West).