Show User Guide
Submission of an entry (the "Entry") to the AICP Awards (composed of: The AICP Show, The Art and Technique of the Commercial; The AICP Next Awards; The AICP Post Awards) constitute acceptance to the following terms and conditions:

Entrant grants to AICP a perpetual non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, copy, display and perform the Entry in connection with the AICP Awards and the other uses outlined in these Usages. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in order to promote the AICP Awards, each entrant authorizes AICP to screen clips with or without charge at public or private presentations, at such time and place and as often as the AICP deems appropriate. The media upon which Entries are submitted shall become the property of the AICP and will not be returned. The AICP retains Entries for supplemental presentation to educational institutions, trade groups, advertising professionals and the public generally. Entries may be combined on a program reel with other Entries and edited. The AICP may distribute, display and perform the Entries in any media and may sublicense the rights granted herein to third parties for any purposes related to the AICP Awards. The AICP shall have the right to copy Entries to DVDs, films, videotapes and any other storage media. The AICP shall have the right to lend or sell copies of the Entries to any interested public or private organization with for the purpose of promoting an AICP Awards either directly or indirectly. The AICP may charge a fee to third parties for the use of Entrant's material without obligation to Entrant.

Winners will be advised if their spots are included as part of the program. The AICP may reproduce or license the reproduction of photographs of winners' works in books, pamphlets and other such publications.

Winning Entries may be compiled in a collection (the "Collection") in any media format for each annual AICP Awards program. Collections may be displayed, performed, copied and sold to third parties for personal, professional, or educational uses and for educational public exhibitions conducted by third parties, with or without charge.

Entrant grants to AICP a perpetual, royalty-free license (or sub-license, as may be appropriate) to use for purposes related to the AICP Awards or promotion of the AICP any trademark, copyright, animated character(s) animal(s), and merchandised item(s) included in the Entries. Entrant holds or will secure the necessary rights or licenses for the use of all trademarks, copyrighted content (including without limitation music) embodied within the Entries, including any publicity or privacy rights of any person or thing, and shall defend and hold AICP and its officers, employees and agents harmless from any claims alleging misappropriation or infringement of such rights. Entrants shall be responsible and defend and hold the AICP harmless for any talent or other residual charges due for the display or performance of Entries and for any other use, compilation, exhibition or reproduction. The rights, licenses, representations and indemnifications contained in this section shall also apply to all uses of Entries in collections. Entrant grants the rights, licenses and indemnifications set forth in these Usages on its own behalf and on behalf of any person having any interest, rights or title in the Entry and Entrant warrants that it has authority to grant all rights described in this section.

Once the Award's finalists have been notified of their place in the Awards, if a spot is found to be ineligible or has to be removed for any reason, any costs incurred to correct errors attributable to Entrant in the Awards materials must be borne by the Entrant.